Latest developments ash cloud, according to University of Cologne

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Hydrology of Eyjafjallajökull

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Measurements at river Markarfljót by the Icelandic Met Office:

Meltwater from the eruption in Eyjafjallajökull runs down glacier Gígjökull, which protrudes from the ice cap to the north, and into river Markarfljót.

A team of specialists from IMO went there for hydrological measurements 28 April 2010, in order to verify indications from continous automatic gauges and from web-cameras.

Discharge of meltwater from Gígjökull increased signifcantly that day, reaching levels not exceeded since 16 April.

Meltwater draining beneath the old Markarfljót bridge, approximately 18 km downstream from Gígjökull, had a temperature of over 11°C.

The discharge was measured twice: The flood that began at Gígjökull at around 11:30, reached a peak discharge of 250 m3/s two hours later at the old bridge. Both 28 and 29 April, mean discharge from Gígjökull was 130-150 m3/s, which was higher than the days before.

Additionally, the electrical conductivity of Krossá and Steinholtsá rivers remained high.

Latest Volcanic Ash Advisory from Met Office London – Issued graphics (07.28 CET)

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